T90 vs Cryo Pellets: a Lot to Lot analysis at pFriem Family Brewers

July 18, 2019
Date: 4 September 2019
Time: 3.45pm
Room: Bintani Room – Brewery

Producing true to brand beers with annually changing raw ingredients is no small feat. As such, we must all take the utmost care in selecting the Lot of a given hop that best reflects our intentions for the year. While the potential benefits of Cryo hop products are well documented and undoubtedly exciting, in order to accurately compare their performance to that of standard T90 pellets we must compare the two products when selected from an identical Lot. pFriem partnered with Yakima Chief Hops to do just that.

By brewing side by side batches of their flagship IPA, one using T90 pellets and the other using Cryo, they’ve compiled an accurate comparison of yield, vdk reduction, hop creep, oil concentrations, and of course sensory analysis. pFriem’s Head Brewer, Gavin Lord, will present these findings, discuss process and suggest future comparisons.