SPONSORED: The Good , The Bad and The Ugly

April 12, 2018
When: Wed 27 Jun
Time: 1:45pm
Room Name: Trade Expo Demonstration

Presented by Doug Michael, Maltster and Director, Gladfield Malt

Doug has had 20 years’ experience building a business from nothing to a large, modern-day production facility and multimillion dollar business that exports around the world. He has travelled the world visiting small breweries and understanding customers, and combined with his own business-building experience, he is uniquely positioned to bring great insight into what makes some brewers more successful than others. During this session Doug would like to pass on these key learnings to startups and brewers looking to grow and be their best.  He will deliver helpful advice on staff, financing, operations, marketing, with plenty of humour and anecdotal evidence.

Presented by Gladfield Malt