Solutions to the Biggest Problems in Breweries and Venues

July 18, 2019
When: Friday
Date: 6 September 2019
Time: 11.45am
Room: IBA Trade Hub

In an interactive presentation, shaped by the audience using live polling technology, Anthony and Beth from Indie Beer Hub will uncover trends among breweries and their customers in their biggest problems around sales and customer relationships, and share tips on how to solve them. We’ll go through insights over five areas of brewery business operations covering everything except the beer making itself.

Audience members will have the opportunity to participate in anonymous live polling from their mobile devices throughout the presentation to add further insights to the findings. 

Indie Beer Hub is an online marketplace that allows licensed bars and bottleshops to purchase directly from Independent Breweries. In the two years spent building the business, the team have spent countless hours speaking to breweries and venues of all shapes and sizes about what their biggest problems and inefficiencies are and how they best solve them. Some invaluable insights were gathered by the team, and now for the first time, they will be shared with the audience at BrewCon.

Topics covered include:

  • Brand, marketing and sales 
  • Educating customers on your beer
  • Receiving and processing orders
  • Managing payments
  • Logistics & deliveries (including perspectives from leading 3PLs)