Own Your Independence

April 16, 2018
Plenary Session
When: Thu 28 Jun
Time: 3:00pm
Room: Bintani

Small and independent brewers have the power to change the world.

Because this happens in ways that can take years to reveal themselves, it can be hard to see. Both individually, and especially (and paradoxically) as a collectively weighty group, small and independent Australian brewers will directly shape the future reality of the farms which produce their cherished agricultural ingredients, the malthouses and hop processors which transform those ingredients and sell to them, their own breweries, their retailer pubs and wholesaler partners, and the cultural fabric of their communities. Drinkers in our hyper connected and virtually informed world care a great deal about values such as small, local and independent which they can touch, taste and trust in person.

Be independent, put your trust in hard work, do this as a group in association with your peers, and make your world a better place.