Sustainability and Value Driven Solutions for Brewery By-product

July 18, 2019
When: Wednesday
Date: 4 September 2019
Time: 4.45pm
Room: IBA Trade Hub

Seamus will give an overview of the global brewing by-product market, then show how companies use sustainability to create a competitive advantage. He will then dive into the by-product market for independent breweries in Australia and provide ongoing recommendations. 

The recommendations focus on three areas.

1) Geography – reviews the dispersed nature of independent breweries in Australia and proposes an optimal method for independent breweries to channel their by-product.

2) Supply chain – reviews two current methods of brewery by-product storage and removal. It proposes a third method that is custom designed to the brewery to ensure optimal service, more efficient removal of by-product from the brew house and improved sustainability.

3) Sustainability – reviews multiple methods of reprocessing brewery by-product and the impact on risk and sustainability for a more effective removal of brewery by-product.