How To Manage Dissolved Oxygen in Your Brewery if You Can’t Afford a DO Meter

July 18, 2019
When: Thursday
Date: 5 September 2019
Time: 2pm
Room: IBA Trade Hub

Every brewer knows about the negative effects of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) in beer. They also know that it can cost tens of thousands of dollars to buy a DO meter. If your brewery can’t afford a low-range Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Meter, this presentation will transform the way you think about DO in your brewery operations.

You’ll learn about:

– What is Dissolved Oxygen aka DO?

– What are the signs that your beer has become oxidised and how long does it take?

– What are the industry standard acceptable tolerances for DO?

– Practical tips on how to manage DO without a DO Meter across almost every part of your brewery operation.

– When you should buy a DO Meter and what options are out there?