Crafting Protection – Registering Brew Brands Overseas

April 5, 2018
Date: Thu 28 June 2018
Time: 12.45pm
Room: Trade Expo – Workshop Space

As Australian products become more and more popular overseas, independent Australian brewers are increasingly moving into these lucrative markets, particularly in China and South East Asia. To safely access these markets it is necessary to ensure that you have the right to use your trade mark in that country and it is likely that distributors in that market will require evidence of an existing trade mark registration before entering into any contractual arrangements with you. Also, if you ever sell your business the buyer is likely to require that, as a condition of sale, your marks are registered overseas. A trade mark registration is therefore a valuable asset and a powerful tool for protecting your brand against infringers. Registering your key brands as early as possible will save you significant time and money down the track, particularly as many countries have a “first to file” not “first to use” system of affording trade mark rights.

This seminar is designed to inform brewers as to why overseas brand registration is important, the different options available to obtain registration and protection, including the Madrid International Registration system to which Australia is a signatory. The seminar also discusses the importance of conducting some preliminary searches before filing any overseas applications and provides examples of some useful tools that are freely available on the Internet.


Lara Gun
FB Rice Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys