Bottles vs Cans, Small vs Large: What’s more sustainable? Outcomes from a Life Cycle Analysis of beer

July 18, 2019
When: Thursday
Date: 5 September 2019
Time: 11.30am
Room: Cryer Malt РBusiness

In November 2018, Stone & Wood conducted a Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA) on Pacific Ale, which looked at the environmental footprint of the beer through the entire supply chain; from production of ingredients and materials right through to distribution, sales, and disposal. The findings provided insight into carbon emissions, water use, and land use in different packaging formats.

This has allowed the brewer to identify the biggest areas for improvement in its supply chain. Many of these opportunities will be similar for the independent brewing industry as a whole, and will require collaboration between brewers, suppliers, and customers to achieve large scale reductions.

The study also provides the opportunity for the brewery to benchmark itself against other brewers globally, and to assess the balance between producing beers in an efficient, environmentally sustainable way, whilst maintaining its local ethos and support for community.