Achieving a Safe, Efficient and On Spec Gas Supply Solution for Your Brewery

July 18, 2019
When: Thursday
Date: 5 September 2019
Time: 1.15pm
Room: IBA Trade Hub

Gas supply is an integral part of any craft brewery. If there is no gas, there is no beer! If there is an issue with your gas supply, it has the potential to shut down your entire operation. Therefore it is important to give this aspect of your business a significant level of priority. If you get your gas supply solution right from the very beginning, it will assist in ensuring you are set up for success. This presentation will outline some of the key areas you should consider to achieve an optimal, almost set-and-forget gas supply solution that will help get your business ahead.

The importance of quality in craft beer is clearly vital for success. The quality of your output is only as good as the quality of your input. We will outline quality considerations for your gas supply solution and identify what these actually mean for your business.

We will discuss why it is important to make sure you involve your gas supplier from the very start to ensure that you can achieve a gas supply system that is not only on spec, safe and sufficient for your current needs, but that can accommodate future production requirements as your business grows. This will include an investigation of common gas supply options including cylinders, small vessels and larger bulk vessels.

With safety a key focus for any business today, we will look at a number of key areas related to working with gas. This will include a discussion of the importance of atmosphere monitoring and whether this is something you would need to consider at your site.

To put it all into perspective, we will be joined by a real life brewer, to talk through their own experience setting up a gas supply solution at their brewery.