A New Qualification for Brewers

July 18, 2019
When: Thursday
Date: 5 September 2019
Time: 9.30am
Room: Bintani Room – Plenary


The growth of independent brewing has led to a need to ensure Australia maintains high skills standards to drive quality and protect the reputation of the industry. 

Richard will introduce the new Certificate IV in Artisan Fermented Products (Brewing) to the independent brewing community. This is the first qualification within the Australian vocational education system that aims to provide people with the skills to become a successful craft brewer. After extensive consultation with brewers across the country, this qualification will become available as a new standard in training in 2020.

Pitched at a Certificate IV level, this is a qualification that will assist the craft beer industry to be acknowledged as a  skilled and professional thriving industry. There have been many experienced brewers involved in the development of the qualification. They have recognised the importance of ensuring that the knowledge and skills developed by Australian brewers, who have created a strong market with a reputation for quality, must be utilised, protected and improved to maintain competitive advantages.

Training doesn’t just happen, and brewers will need to support and promote the formally recognised qualifications if TAFEs and private training providers are to agree to teach the qualification. Those involved in the development of the qualification believe this is critical to ensuring broad, continuing success for all quality participants in the industry