Teri Fahrendorf

April 12, 2018

Founder of Pink Boots Society
Malt Innovation Centre Manager, Great Western Malting

Teri Fahrendorf is an American craft beer pioneer and has been a professional brewer since 1988. Teri was the first woman class president at Siebel Institute for Brewing Technology in Chicago, and has enjoyed many other “firsts” in her long brewing career. Teri was the third woman craft Brewmaster in the USA, and brewed the longest of the three. Thus it was fitting that during her gypsy brewing year of 2007,

Teri founded Pink Boots Society: an education-focused nonprofit supporting women beer professionals with scholarships and networking opportunities worldwide. Pink Boots Society currently serves over 2,000 members in about 30 countries with about 50 chapters worldwide, including chapters here in Australia and New Zealand.

2018 marks Teri’s 30th year as a beer professional. During that time she has hired and/or trained 48 brewers, many of whom have gone on to fame and fortune in the craft beer world. During Teri’s 17 years as brewmaster at Steelhead Brewing Company, she earned 8 Great American Beer Festival medals, and the Steelhead brewers she trained won 16 more GABF medals under her supervision, for a total of 24 GABF medals under her guidance.

Teri is a published technical author and serial brewing conference speaker. She has served on many boards and committees in the beer industry, and recently was awarded the Brewers Association Recognition Award for lifetime achievement.

Currently Teri is overjoyed to be the first Malt Innovation Center Manager for Great Western Malting Company in Vancouver, Washington, USA, where she brews on a dual-kettle one-barrel brewery, and where she malts on a three-vessel 150-Kilo pilot malting system.

Teri lives in Portland, Oregon USA, otherwise known as Beervana, with her Brewmaster husband and their 1937 classic Chevrolet. In her rare free time she enjoys cooking, painting, reading, hiking, dressing up in vintage clothing, and playing European-style board games.