Christopher Dean – Choice Energy

April 1, 2019

Christopher Dean is the CEO and co-founder of Choice Energy, an energy management consultancy headquartered in Melbourne with more than 8,000 customers nationwide.

After working in range of sales and management roles across three continents, Chris returned to Australia in 2013 and started working for a solar company. Within 18 months of being at the organisation, he was appointed CEO. It was during this time that he met with many commercial businesses who felt increasingly powerless in the face of rising energy costs.

Propelled by this, in 2015, he founded Choice Energy, designed to help businesses use less power from the grid, and pay less for the energy they use. By 2017/2018, Choice Energy had experienced growth like no other – recording almost 1000% growth in three years. Passionate about providing the best solutions for all types of businesses, Chris has presented at industry conferences and business events, providing businesses with strategies to allow them to take back control of their energy so they can continue to excel.