Handle Your Own Accounts: Past, Present, Future

June 18, 2018Speaker Sessions 2018

Every owner wants to get the most out of their business’ finances, but often achieving this can seem like a distraction from your true passion. Join us to discover how you can get the most out your past financials through managing the past, the present and the future.

For the past, dive deeper than last month’s profit, revenue and expenses to truly see how your business has performed. We will see how exploring your historical financial and non-financial data can help you determine what the true and unique drivers of your business are, as well how to learn from what caused the down times so you can plan for next time.

For the present, spending hours of time processing invoices, timesheets and other repetitive tasks isn’t why you became a brewer. We will look at how the latest in automation can give you back your workday to so you can work on your business not reconciling the accounts.

For the future, what is next on the horizon? Can you afford to grow your business by moving to larger premises? Can you meet the demand for your independent product by hiring more staff? Financial forecasting provides a way for you see what the impact will be for you, and for you to explain your financial plans to the bank to get that new loan.

**Please note there is no audio for this session**