White Labs

April 23, 2018



White Labs, Inc. is an international company headquartered in San Diego, California that provides pure liquid yeast, fermentation products, services, analysis and education to professionals and enthusiasts alike.

White Labs stretches the limits of science to set new standards in purity and freshness. From the industry’s first pitchable liquid yeast, to a complete revolution in the way it’s propagated and packaged, the White Labs innovative spirit is tireless.

White Labs has distribution from Hong Kong, China to Southeast Asia, New Zealand and Australia. For more information on White Labs and its various products and services, please visit whitelabs.com.

Sales & Enquiries

JoAnne Carlil-Stevenson
p: +1 (888) 593-2785
e: jcarilli@whitelabs.com
w: www.whitelabs.com