April 23, 2018

STAND 91 & 92

PakTech delivers the highest quality and most environmentally responsible packaging solutions in the market. Our handles are attractive, convenient to use and easy to apply and remove. Our minimalistic approach accentuates and complements your container design, rather than obscure it, delivering better market presence, enhanced consumer awareness, and improved sales. From design to final handle application (by hand or utilizing our automated applicators), our responsiveness, rapid turn-around time, and comprehensive product offerings separates us from our competition.

Tremendous value is what we offer and what we deliver, for our customers, our employees, and the global packaging industry. Our clients are as unique as we are and they trust us because we put their needs first in everything we do. Our employees are empowered and encouraged to act creatively, thoughtfully and thoroughly to meet our clients’ ever-changing demands and needs. Delivering responsive, effective, and personalized customer service daily is key to our current and continuing success.

We are dedicated to protecting our planet and our environment. Transforming recycled plastic into recyclable products animates our mission and sets us aside from our competition. We believe post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR) that is also 100% recyclable is part of the solution by limiting the amount of new plastic that is being manufactured. Handles manufactured with PCR are the right product to use for our clients, for consumers, and for our planet. This is full circle sustainability. Low impact, mean, clean, and green. In action and on a massive scale.


Sales & Enquiries

Nancy Baker
+1 541 228-4799