Interaust Foods Pty Ltd

April 23, 2018


Interaust Foods is a privately owned Company established in 1980 in Melbourne. Since then IAF has grown to now be in partnership with RD2 International of New Zealand. IAF is a successful supplier of specialized fruit and vegetable raw materials to the Food and Beverage Industries in Australia, New Zealand and abroad.

We are proud to say that most of our products are ”natural” and sourced from Australia and the world. We are also pleased to announce that hops have been added to our portfolio recently.

We are representing one of the largest growers / producers of hops in the American Northwest for Australasia. We use 3PL warehousing and have sites in most major capital cities of Australia and New Zealand.

We also offer logistic services for imported products. Our products range are packaged as Aseptic, Frozen, Chilled and can be accessed in Bins, Drums, Pails and Cartons. Part of our service is to offer specialized advice on products to suit your applications, this includes specialized ”blends” to suit your needs, this can be discussed with one of our friendly team.


Sales & Enquiries

Jayne Ritchie
+61 (03) 8671 2510