Gladfield Malt

April 23, 2018

STAND 85 & 86

Born and raised in Dunsandel, Canterbury, Doug Michael is a fifth-generation barley grower, and together with his wife Gabi, they are proudly raising the sixth. Gladfield Malt started as a dream. At 21 years old Doug purchased his own farm, and after many years of working long days to grow grain for another malting company, he and Gabi, decided to start their own craft malting plant on their farm.

It was almost unheard of for a smaller grain, barley and malt grower to dream of challenging the established malting giants, but in 2004, with the introduction of a modern high-tech malting facility, Gladfield Malt was born. Today, Gladfield Malt has a great team helping them to make the world’s best pure malt.

Today, Gladfield Malt produces 29 quality malts, along with limited release specialty malts, and a complementary range of products to help brewers brew better beer. Gladfield Malt has a proven track record of supplying malts to brewers and distillers all year round, all across the globe. To provide their unique range of malts, and to meet demand, Gladfield Malt works with over 100 other growers, all from the South Island of New Zealand. Rest assured, whenever you buy Gladfield Malt, you can expect consistent, quality ingredients that give you the best end result as we select the best quality grains for malting based on the results from our on-site laboratory. At all times, Gladfield Malt follows strict quality control guidelines in accordance with our food-safety management standards, so you can be assured of fresh, quality ingredients every time. We understand that the brewing and distilling industries are creative and dynamic. We know that brewers and distillers want a diverse range of high‑quality, consistent malts to make unique products. Gladfield Malt is the most high-tech malt processing plant in New Zealand. Along with our roaster which is the most modern in Australasia, we use this new technology to produce our coloured and speciality malt range, Gladfield Malt is also home to a smoker that creates unique malts for whisky distillers.

This technology, combined with our experience, tradition, and our locally grown grain, ensures we create truly authentic crafted malts.


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