April 23, 2018


AF Systems- formerly known as Australian Feeding Systems has been in operation for over 30 years specialising in material conveying for Agriculture, Food & Beverage and Seed Industries.

Conveyors: The conveyor or auger you choose to move your malt and grist is an integral part of your malt handling system, and every bit as important as your malt mill. It is an investment that will pay you back over time by maintaining the integrity of your grist, resulting in higher brewhouse yields and savings on inputs and Labour. We offer a variety of solutions including Flex Augers, Rigid Screw Augers, chain & disk conveyors We can also supply Bucket elevators & other Tubular Drag Conveyors. Bulk bag stands are a great option for a mid-sized brewing or distilling operation, we provide customized unloading stations for bulk bags up to 2500 lbs. Options such as agitation, hoists, and an array of discharge transitions allow these units to fit into nearly any situation Spent Grain Removal: We can help Increase productivity, reduce labour & improve sanitation for your employees. A Spent Grain Bin can also help delay the mould & bacterial growth Controls (Automation) : PLC’s – Let us simplify the brewing process by automating your malt handling equipment. Our control panel connects all the moving pieces of your brewery or distillery into one digital touchscreen. From the silo to mill to spent grain controls, we can automate the weighing, milling, and batching of your ingredients to your exact specifications. Load cells: Load cell mounts are available many sizes. Suspension load cells are also available, Also Flow Scales and Automated batching systems, labelling solutions We offer our customers a wide range of services and products.

– Variety of Mills inc Multicracker
– Roller Mills with Supply of New Rolls for all brands
– Flow Scales and automated batching systems
– Bucket Elevators & components
– Modular Rigid Augers
– Conveying Components
– Feeding Automation Solutions- PLC
– Mill Hire & Product Testing
– Grain Cleaners
– Falcon Chain & Disc
– Cablevey Chain & Button

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