April 16, 2018


The Secret to a truly great brew… Consistency through Filtration.

3M has decades of experience supplying filtration into the beer industry globally. And for the past few years we have been creating great partnerships with local purveyors of craft brews.

3M filtration is used throughout the brewery, whether it’s ensuring consistent water quality; through to clarification and control of particulates in your brew, then 3M can help.

We have products to control micro-organisms in non-pasteurised beer as well as filters that deliver sterile air and CO2 in the brewhouse.

By providing consistency in your process your batches hit the right quality each time and a solid filtration set up will keep the running cost of the brewery under control.

By working closely with the brewers and trialing 3M gear, we have learnt what it is that brewers need to make it work.

Just ask around.

Come and talk to us on Stand 45.


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