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Exhibitor resources

Thank you for your interest in BrewCon19 and congratulations for being selected to exhibit at our Trade Expo.

Our Exhibitors Manual contains need-to-know information about logistics, production schedules, accommodation options and key contacts. Download the manual via the link below.


Please return completed logistics forms to orderforms@harrythehirer.com.au by 16 August 2019.


Please return completed lighting, power and production forms to nicolap@harrythehirer.com.au by 23 August 2019.



Complete for a quote request for door to stand (and return) transport service with DB Schenker.


Complete for deliveries arranged direct to the venue with other suppliers. This is to ensure Schenker can manage a smooth loading dock schedule and take note of any requirements such as forklifting etc.


Complete for exhibitors wanting to use their own transport suppliers, but can also have access to Schenker for a smooth delivery to booth and security knowing the official supplier is onsite and will take care of the final leg of delivery to booth.

Gas Supply

IBA Member BOC is pleased to offer gas free-of-charge to exhibitors who will be dispensing beer from their stand.

They focus on high quality includes ISBT carbon dioxide specification compliance and HACCP accreditation for our Compressed Food Fresh Carbon Dioxide.

Exhibitors are able to order up to 3 cylinders per stand. Orders must be placed by 20 August 2019. These will be delivered to the venue during set up and collected following pack down. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Shirin.

To order, simply contact Shirin on the details below and advise:

  • Gas code & cylinder size
  • Quantity
  • Stand name & number
  • Show: BREWCON19
  • Contact person & phone number

Shirin Ghazmorad
Relationship Manager, BOC South Pacific
+61 (02) 8874 4176
e: FandLRM@boc.com

Thank you for your support

Thank you for your interest in BrewCon19. On behalf of the Independent Brewers of Australia we’d like to thank you for continued support of our industry. See you in September!

Key Contacts

Siobhan Kerin

Head of Events

+ 61 3 9417 3105
e: siobhan.kerin@iba.org.au
Independent Brewers Association
Speaker and Presentations Support
Kate Paterson

Head of Industry Development

+ 61 437 627 758
e: kate.paterson@iba.org.au
Independent Brewers Association
Trade Expo Sales and Sponsorship
Damian Nieuwesteeg

Production Manager 

+ 61 3 9417 3105
e: brewcon@iba.org.au
Independent Brewers Association
Trade Expo Installation and support, site deliveries and storage
Jason Sommers

Indies Event Manager

+ 61 436 298 712
e: jason.sommers@iba.org.au
Independent Brewers Association
Indies Judging and Awards
Anna Reissig

Marketing Co-ordinator and Ticket Sales

+ 61 3 9417 3105
e: anna.reissig@iba.org.au
Independent Brewers Association
Marketing and Promotions
Ben Wilson

Logistics and Freight

+ 61 438 291 445
e: ben.wilson@dbschenker.com
DB Schenker
Official Logistics Provider
Nicola Petricevic


+ 61 2 9666 8699
e: nicolap@harrythehirer.com.au
m: + 61 478 662 753
Harry the Hirer
Exhibition Stand Build/Hire Company